Professional Bodywork, Health and Fitness Coaching

Brian JohnsonA lifelong interest in health and fitness has led to decades of in-depth study in a variety of bodywork and physical training disciplines. Over the past  30 years my work has been informed and influenced by the bodywork practices of Amma/Shiatsu, Orthopedic Massage and Trager  bodywork. In the physical /mental training realms, I have culled the riches of Aikido , Shintaido, Tai Chi, Iyengar Yoga, Kettlebell/weight training, Indian Club/Clubbell training,  Zen, Vipassana meditation and Balanced View’s Education in the Nature of Mind.

This accumulated life experience guides me in offering you the best in bodywork and personal fitness training. Whether your interests are stress mastery, pain relief, injury rehabilitation, performance enhancement, strength and conditioning, weight loss, or improved flexibility/mobility, I can help you achieve and maintain improved fitness and well-being.